Welcome to Clem&Thyme Nutrition

Clem&Thyme Nutrition and its team of registered dietitians have a unique approach when it comes to helping clients achieve their balanced best – live in moderation, not deprivation. This simple philosophy is reflected in all of the Clem&Thyme service offerings – from nutritional counseling to meal prep workshops – for an easy roadmap to a happy, healthy lifestyle.

We start with simple changes, because living a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle shouldn’t be complicated and inundated with contradictory food diets, workout routines and wellness regimens. We make it easy with a simple, holistic approach to getting you to and keeping you at your balanced best.

The end result is simple changes, because when the choices are easy, everything else – from food and fitness to your emotional well-being – falls into place. We make the ever-elusive “healthy lifestyle” a reality by helping you set goals, take action and discover your version of healthy harmony.

The Clem&Thyme Story

Clem&Thyme founder and owner, Leslie Edmunds, planted her seed as a registered dietitian turned business owner when she founded Healthy Hearts Nutrition in 2012. But after five years and the ever-present misconception that her practice only focused on cardiac health (because of having “hearts” in the name), it was time for a change and in more ways than one. Having grown up a farmer’s daughter, which first peaked her interest in wholesome, nutritional foods, it was only fitting to move her practice to an old farmhouse located on one her parents’ farms just outside of Yellow Springs after growing out of her small office space in downtown Springfield.

The first step was to remodel the old house, Fixer Upper-style that is, into a functional, welcoming space for Leslie and her team to meet with clients, host group sessions, grow their own fruits and veggies, and much more. After a four-month-long renovation, the new Clem&Thyme office was ready for operation in October 2017, complete with a demo kitchen that would make even Chip and Joanna envious.

The second step was to rebrand – not only because of the misleading business name, but because the vision Leslie had for her practice was so much more than just health and nutrition services. She envisioned yoga classes in the barn, a community garden, monthly book clubs – just to name a few. To rename her business, Leslie drew inspiration from her maiden name, Clem, one of her favorite snacks, clementines, and one of her favorite herbs, thyme. Thus, Clem&Thyme was born – a fun, fresh name that embodies Leslie’s personality as a dietitian and health professional.