Jenna Righter


My motto – Food is meant to be nourishing- physically, mentally and emotionally. I strive to help my clients find this delicate balance and ditch the diet mentality. Learning to enjoy ALL of the foods you eat and savoring every bite is key to being present and living a healthy life!

My “why” – I fortunately grew up in a home where my mom cooked our meals from scratch and we lived down the road from my grandma, who had a large garden and black-raspberry bushes. Every year, we were able to help plant, harvest, eat and can the fresh produce. Being able to learn about where quality food comes from and get hands on cooking experience starting at a young age has really impacted my relationship with food and I love helping people get more comfortable in their own kitchen, including children!

My credentials – A bachelor’s of science in human nutrition from The Ohio State University and a graduate in certificate of dietetics from IUPUI. I am a certified lactation counselor and a certified LEAP therapist (food sensitivities).

Favorite indulgence: Häagen-Dazs Coffee Ice Cream

Two staples always in my kitchen: Peanut butter and eggs

Favorite type of movement: Running or Cross Fit

Favorite way to spend time outside of the office: Hiking around the world

Most favorite cookbook or recipe inspiration: Rachael Ray kept me cooking through college and making her recipes bring up many joyful memories

A personal touch: We welcomed our first baby in April 2018 and becoming a mom has taught me to slooowwww down in the best way possible. I’m learning to enjoy hiking at a toddler pace and experience making and consuming foods through a new lens!