Monthly Challenge

At Clem&Thyme, we believe that creating small lifestyle habits over time leads to big sustainable changes that help you meet your long-term goals! Each month, we focus on a specific topic and provide a targeted goal that we want you to meet throughout the month. The monthly challenge community provides support, inspiration, and a place to ask questions.

How to participate

The monthly challenge is free for everyone and does not require any prior registration or sign-up. Just download and print the worksheet each month using the button below (scroll down) and join our monthly challenge community on Facebook and/or Instagram (if desired). For those of your without social media accounts, the social media piece is not required.

April: Self care and support during crisis

This month, we want to give special attention to the needs of this unprecedented time. Whether you have been ordered to stay home, have to be separated from your family and are living in a new space, or continue to go out each day to serve and protect your community, everyone is facing new responsibilities and new challenges. We want to help support your health and well-being by challenging you to meet daily fresh air, movement/exercise, produce, water, and relaxation/mindfulness goals while finding a sense of togetherness and community and embracing self-forgiveness.

You will notice the goals outlined in April’s tracking worksheet are a bit vague; however, we did this on purpose. We want you to meet these goals in any way and in any amount that you are able. The way you meet each goal can be the same every day or it can change throughout the month. We have left extra space in the goal fields if you would like to write in a more specific goal for yourself, but no pressure. Indicate that you have completed the goal by placing a mark or coloring in the box for each goal each day.

Contact Katie Poppe at if you have any questions about the monthly challenge.

Click the button above to download the challenge worksheet for April. Be sure to print it out and put it somewhere you will see it every day! Then, use it to keep track and hold yourself accountable to the goal(s) throughout the month.

Follow the button to our “Clem&Thyme Monthly Challenge” private Facebook group and request to join. Here, you will find a community of people following along with the monthly challenge. You can follow along as well as share your own progress and experiences!

This is a BRAND NEW feature of the monthly challenge. Help us get our Instagram monthly challenge community going by tagging your Instagram posts related to the monthly challenge with the hashtag #clemandthymemonthlychallenge (yes, we know it’s a long hashtag).