Gardening & Canning

At Clem&Thyme Nutrition, we believe that all people can benefit from growing and eating fresh food from the garden. Gardening improves mental health, physical health and well-being, teaches us about science and nature, and provides valuable family time. Come join us in the garden!

We believe there is no such thing as gardening mistakes, only experiments. We’ve all been there! To help you get the most out of your garden and answer your questions, we offer timely gardening classes throughout the year. Plus, we offer canning classes so you can learn how to enjoy your summer harvest all winter long!

Leslie and Katie completed the Ohio State University Extension Master Gardener Program and are eager to get their hands dirty in the garden. Come join us!

Child little girl and parent holding young plant in hands together as save world concept in vintage color tone

Upcoming Gardening & Canning Events