Healthcare Providers

Collaboration between doctors, registered dietitians, and other healthcare providers will provide the best landscape for behavior change. Preventing and managing chronic disease is something we are passionate about at Clem&Thyme Nutrition. Let’s do this together!

What we can do for you

We understand your time is limited. Behavior change is tough. You don’t have hours with patients to do intensive behavior counseling… let us do it for you. Our dietitians are knowledgeable, trained to treat chronic health conditions by improving diet. Healthy patients make happy patients, isn’t that what we all want? 🙂

Referral Process

See all of the medical conditions we treat here!

Please fax over (937.917.8048) client demographics to our office and we will call the client directly to schedule an appointment.

You may use our fax form or your own.

Please send over lab results, progress notes, and any other information that will help with our treatment protocol. We will fax back progress notes so you are in the loop!

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We can come to you

Some doctors prefer we come to your office to see patients. We will schedule appointments there on a specific day of the week (or half-day). Convenience is important for your patients, we can make it easier.

We can also come to your office for health promotion events for your staff or patients:

  • Lunch-n-learn seminars, nutrition presentations
  • Cooking demonstrations and interactive meal planning classes
  • Group weight loss programs
  • Monthly nutrition bulletin boards, newsletters, and health promotional campaigns