Leslie Edmunds

MPH, RDN, CDE, CLT, Founder/Owner

My motto – BALANCE! I focus nutrition plans and health goals for clients around the notion of this simple word. Striking a balance that allows people to enjoy what they love, while still getting the nutrients they need, makes being healthy so much easier. I stand by the motto of living in moderation, not deprivation – enjoy those desserts but balance them with something healthy like veggies, too! Enjoying life will always be my top priority and I will instill the same passion in my clients.

My “why” – After struggling with my own body image in my teen years, I began dieting – but went about it in all the wrong ways. I finally made peace with food in my post college years and found a love for cooking and exercise I enjoyed, later fueling my desire to help others find their peace, too. It is because of this passion that I am more confident today than I have ever been.

My credentials – A bachelor’s degree in medical dietetics from The Ohio State University and a master’s of public health from Wright State. She is certified in adult weight management, diabetes education (CDE) and LEAP therapy (food sensitivities) and a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Dayton Dietetic Association. Leslie was most recently awarded Ohio’s 2019 Young Dietitian of the Year from the Ohio Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Favorite indulgence: Baked goods from Three Leee Cupcakery

Two staples always in my kitchen: Nut butters and green olives

Favorite type of movement: I love variety! I switch it up between yoga, pilates, spinning, swimming, and walking. I never get bored!

Favorite way to spend time outside of the office: Getting a massage, online shopping in my pajamas, and after dinner walks with my family.

Most favorite cookbook or recipe inspiration: Whole30 Slow Cooker. I don’t follow the Whole30 Diet, but I love all the recipes in this book!

A personal touch: Goodness, family is everything to me! My husband and I have three kids (Albany, Arlie, and Grant). Running from soccer to dance, from swim to tee ball. Running a business and being a mom of three littles is exhausting, but my heart has never been this full.