Taylor Beach


My motto – Registered Dietitian, McKel Kooienga, said it best “Health isn’t in a potion, powder, or pill, it’s small daily actions that build up.” Nourishing foods and self-care should lay the foundation for our wellbeing. From there, we can start to build a positive mindset and healthy habits to improve our quality of life. Rather than striving for perfection or dwelling on the past, we can create new opportunities for change and celebrate our victories along the way. Our goal at Clem&Thyme is to develop an individualized plan that will help your body thrive to its full potential.

My “why” – Prior to my dietetics career, I viewed nutrition in a negative light and my idea of real food was skewed by popular trends and mass marketing. I fell into the vicious cycle of restrictive eating for a quick fix and felt less than optimal when the results were short-lived. I made minor changes after obtaining my degree, but the major shift came when I was pregnant with my first child. I focused on mindful eating while incorporating a wide range of quality nutrients for my baby and me. I learned to practice self-compassion and patience with the failures and successes throughout the process. Once I healed my relationship with food and self-doubt, I was able to confidently make decisions for my long-term health. This is the beginning of my personal journey and I hope to join you on yours.

My credentials – A Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from the University of Cincinnati through which I completed the Coordinated Program internship. I am a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist as well as a member of the Dayton Dietetic Association.

Favorite indulgences: Cheesecake

Two staples always in my kitchen: Oats and eggs

Favorite type of movement: Tone It Up and walking

Favorite way to spend time outside of the office: Being a part-time stay at home mom of two boys and visiting family in Traverse City, Michigan

Most favorite cookbook or recipe inspiration: Nourishing traditions because this book goes back to the basics. The recipes consist of foods in their simplest form yet taste delicious and satisfying.

A personal touch: I’m a fraternal twin! My sister and I were born 1 hour apart. We have polar opposite personalities but we both share a love for baking.