My LEAP Journey, My Results

The time is now! It’s time to begin my LEAP elimination diet…and start healing.

In my last blog post, My LEAP Journey, Post #1, I explained my background and why I decided to test myself. I also shared my highly reactive (red) and moderately reactive (yellow) foods and chemicals. Although many people reduce their symptoms significantly from just avoiding their red and yellow foods (I feel TONS better from just avoiding my reds and yellows for two weeks), the best results are attained after following a LEAP ImmunoCalm Diet Plan created by a Certified LEAP therapist (me!).

The ImmunoCalm Diet Program works by eliminating those foods and substances which trigger non-allergic immune system reactions, and properly combining and reintroducing a diet of your low-reactive foods. Basically, we start with a small number of our lowest reactive (green) foods.

Here are my test results of all 120 foods and 30 chemicals:


EdmundsLeslie_131921_LeapResults_20130328_Page_2We begin with the lowest green foods, and build a diet that is attainable and realistic for the patient. Everything we consume most be unprocessed with minimal ingredients. I’m going to post a photo diary of my diet so you can follow along! 🙂

Here are the foods I’ve selected for my Phase 1 (Days 1-7). I was moderately reactive to tyramine and caffeine so I had to eliminate foods and drinks that contain tyramine and caffeine (for now). So although I am low-reactive to spinach, eggplant, avocado, hops & barley (beer), and grapes (wine) I had to move them out of phase 1.  boooooooo.

I’ll post a photo food diary later this week to show you what I’m eating! 🙂ImmunoCalm Diet Phase 1-5 Worksheet Template phase1_Page_1

Any questions, send um’ my way.


  1. Erika says:


    I’m currently doing the LEAP Program. I’m in phase 1 but my dietician allowed phase 2 foods, also. I’m curious to know if you lost weight. If so, how much and at what point did you start to see your weight finally budge? I’m on day 3 and nothing so far.

  2. Erika says:


    I’m currently doing the LEAP Program and I’m in phase 1 but my dietician slowed phase 2 foods, as well. I’m curious to know if you’ve lost weight. If so, how much and at what point did you start to see your weight budge? Also, did you feel painfully depressed in the beginning?

    I’m so glad you’ve found relief because this is awful! I hope to find the same relief you’ve found.

  3. Erika says:

    My dietician allowed*

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