What I Ate Friday!

It’s Valentine’s Day weekend! <3

…you know what that means… we’re getting close to March! I’m 36 weeks prego… I can’t believe baby #2 will be here soon. Eeeeek. I’m excited, anxious, scared shit-less… a bundle of feelings too difficult to put into words.

Albany is also about to turn TWO. She’s got a tude’ like a two year old, but she’s still pretty sweet and sensitive most of the time. She’s going to rock the whole “big sister” role… I can see it.

I usually do “What I Ate” posts on weekdays but thought I’d change it up with a weekend day. Getting’ super crazy here!

Keep in mind… if you missed the last few sentences… I am PREGNANT… therefore don’t judge. These posts aren’t meant to be “eat how I eat” posts, they’re meant to give you food ideas and show that even dietitians don’t eat perfect. 😉


  • Eggs with salsa and shredded cheddar (I prefer to shred the cheese myself to avoid crap-0 in my cheese…ewwww)
  • Applegate pork sausage
  • Raspberries



  • Hilary’s Eat Well Adzuki Bean Burger with Tj’s salsa and Daisy sour cream (full fat, folks). Good golly, I will never eat low-fat sour cream again. There is no. none. zero chance of going back to low fat. It’s worth every damn calorie to me…. and no… don’t tell me to try Greek yogurt in it’s place. It’s not. the. same.
  • Frozen sweet potato cubes cooked in a tad bit of avocado oil.


Snack: Apple with PB (freshly ground) from Fresh Thyme


Darrin treated Albs and I to Valentine’s dinner at Season’s Bistro. It’s one of my favorite restaurants… they do it right.

Dinner, aka carb overload:

  • Starter-Bread with oil (forgot to take pic)
  • App-A few spinach cream cheese wontons, drizzled with local honey. O.M.G. so good. (forgot to take pic)
  • Entree-Chicken empanada with green chilis, queso, salsa, and rice.
  • Dessert-Cheesecake with berry sauce. (forgot to take pic)


…and then I got heartburn.


Heartburn from eating wayyyyyy past when I should have stopped or heartburn from the salsa and chilis?

Painful. Hopefully this baby has a full head of hair. On another note, I’ve found Brainard’s Natural Antacids to replace Tums; they don’t have the nasty dyes and crap in them. 😉

Hope you all enjoyed your Valentine’s weekend! It’s almost March! 🙂

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