Jenna’s Eats on a COVID Work-From-Home Day!

Hi readers, Jenna here! How are we all holding up?! These are surreal times folks but I am trying to maintain as much routine and normalcy as possible!


For fun, I tried to take pictures of what I ate in a “COVID Work from Home” day in the life! Please excuse the quality of the pictures but it’s a true depiction of how much time I have while working remotely and wrangling a toddler 🤪

First and always first, coffee! ☕️ mixed with some frothed almond milk (X 2)




Breakfast was a good ol’sandwich! Gluten free bread with egg and sausage links. On a paper plate because I didn’t have time to unload the dishwasher 😂



Lunch was a gluten free meatloaf alongside a rice + quinoa blend with mushrooms and one of the salads I prepped this weekend 🥬🥕




I snuck in a workout during nap time and after I was finished with clients 💪🏻




I doubt a day passes that I don’t have some kind of snack to get me from lunch to dinner —> today’s pick was a (new to me!) granola bar I found at Costco. Five grams of protein isn’t as much as I usually aim for at a snack but with these quarantine days where I’m not even sure what day it is… I’ll take it!



Dinner involved seasoned taco meat, cashew queso, salsa, guacamole, greens and unpictured tortilla chips – one of my favorite meals!



Two squares of this to finish the night off, my favorite chocolate bars! Leslie is actually the one who introduced me to them 💙



That’s a wrap! I realized I didn’t eat any fruit today but that’s probably because we are out and I am not up for a grocery trip yet -ha! These food pictures are just ONE example of a day of eats that MY body needs and wanted. They aren’t made for the comparison trap, hopefully just some inspiration! 🙂



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