Three Leee Cupcakery

well… it’s no secret that Leslie {this dietitian} has a sweet tooth. What can I say? I got it honest… my dad loves sweets, too! 🙂

yes… eating tons of cupcakes isn’t exactly healthy but everything in moderation… including cupcakes.

and if we’re going to indulge in a sweet-treat, let’s make sure it’s made with wholesome ingredients and free of food dyes & preservatives.

….and locally sourced=BONUS!


let’s savor it. take in the aroma. let it melt in your mouth. eat undistracted. yum.

……instead of chomp. chomp. done.

Three Leee Cupcakery is the perfect bakery to get yourself a tasty {wholesome} treat. Based in Yellow Springs, she bakes out of her home (you can put in an order here) and also provides local cafes with her treats. Dino’s and Main Squeeze Juice Bar both sell Three Leee cupcakes.


from her Facebook page: “Three Leee uses only the yummiest Organic, Natural, and Local Ingredients when available! Nothing comes from a box, just pure mixing of fine ingredients to tickle your tummy! We know not all taste buds or tummies are created equal, so our offerings include â“‹ Vegan and Gluten Free sweets as well!”

Flavors: Blueberry Lemon, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Lavender Vanilla Bean, Organic Carrot Cake, Organic Chocolate, Peanut Butter Banana & Strawberry Lemonade. yummie.

I couldn’t wait…


of the flavors I’ve tried, I love the Organic Carrot Cake the best. 🙂

Would totally recommend Three Leee Cupcakery!

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