Katie’s Week Following Clem&Thyme Meal Plans

By Katie Poppe

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on the blog (I still need to update you all on my LEAP journey!!!), but I’m so excited to be back at it! If you’ve been following Clem&Thyme on social media or receive our newsletter, you know that we have started offering meal plan subscriptions online. I decided to try it out for a week because (1) as I registered dietitian, I LOVE meal plans, meal planning, and trying new recipes and (2) I wanted to share what following our meal plans looks like in real life!

We offer four different types of meal plans. There are vegan plans, anti-inflammatory plans, a variety of “28-day refresh” plans, and low-FODMAP plans. Descriptions of each type are available on our meal plans page. I chose to follow the anti-inflammatory meal plan.

After choosing the type of plan I wanted, I received a 5-day meal plan (see below). I normally take quite a bit of time planning my meals out for the week using pen and paper, so this experience of getting an instant meal plan was like magic!


My favorite part about these plans is the fact that they are 100% customizable. While I liked the plan that was created for me, there were definitely some changes I wanted to make as you can see in my final plan (below). Here are few things that I did to customize my plan:

  • I knew my husband was going to be out of town Tuesday through Friday, so I was able to adjust the serving sizes, while also keeping in mind I wanted enough leftovers for lunches and the weekend.
  • Speaking of the weekend, I could have added meals in for Saturday and Sunday, but I decided to leave both empty to use up leftovers (I love leftovers)! I also left Friday empty because I knew I was getting together with my girlfriends on Friday night. YAY for customization!
  • I also simplified the plan quite a bit by deleting and then repeating the breakfasts and snacks that looked the best to me. I knew I had a busy week and I don’t mind repeating the same recipe throughout the week (especially for breakfast and snacks)! Recipes are easy to drag and drop wherever you want them.
  • I deleted a couple items and replaced with in-season items (i.e. I replaced grapes with apples)
  • I added even more apples for snacks because I already had some in my kitchen.
  • I was also able to customize based on my cravings and likes vs. dislikes. For example, I was craving curry, so I searched for a curry recipe and added that into my plan. A couple of the dinners weren’t speaking so me, so I replaced those with recipes that did.

As you can see, I made quite a few changes, but you could totally leave it and follow as is. That’s what I love about these meal plans. The customization allows you to make it totally your own or let the work of planning all be done for you!

After customizing my plan, I printed out my weekly overview to post on the fridge, printed my shopping list, crossed items off the shopping list that I already had in my pantry, and headed to the store!


I have included documentation from my week below. My meals aren’t always the prettiest and I didn’t quite capture everything in photos, but I hope you enjoy seeing my 5-day meal plan in action!


Breakfast: Tex-mex scrambled eggs.

Lunch: Leftover butternut squash soup from last week.
Gotta use up those leftovers!


Snack: Cinnamon spiced nuts.
I modified this recipe a bit. I added almonds and chopped pecans to the pepitas. So yummy! I didn’t eat all of this at once, but I left this container at work and took a handful as a snack as needed!

Dinner: Red pepper chickpea curry over rice + roasted carrots (not pictured).
I see clients in the evenings on Mondays, so I don’t normally get home until around 8:30pm. For this reason, Monday dinner preparations are often my husband’s job. I printed out the curry recipe, made some notes, left ingredients and appliances out for him, and I came home to some amazing curry and roasted carrots! Thanks, Luke!


Breakfast: Carrot cake oatmeal.
I had never tried coconut flakes on my oatmeal before, and now I’m obsessed!

Lunch: Leftover curry over rice.

Snack: Cinnamon spiced nuts (not pictured) + apple.

Dinner: Quick rosemary lemon chicken + roasted carrots + citrus and fennel salad.


Breakfast: Tex-mex scrambled eggs.
My avocado looks a little rough because this is the leftover 1/2 from Monday, but it still tasted amazing!


Lunch: Leftover curry, chicken, and carrots.


Snack: Apple + cinnamon spiced nuts.

Dinner: Easy honey garlic salmon + simple arugula radicchio salad + roasted carrots.


Breakfast: Carrot cake oatmeal.
I loved repeating this meal!

Lunch: Leftover chicken + pears.
The pears were originally supposed to be for a snack, but I decided to make it part of my meal today!

Snack: Cashews.
My favorite nut!

Dinner: Four ingredient soy glazed chicken + savory roasted root vegetables.
This was by far my favorite dinner and will be repeating this many times in the future!

I really failed at getting photos on Friday!

Breakfast: Carrot cake oatmeal.

Lunch: Leftover soy glazed chicken + root veggies.

Snack: Pear + cashews.

Dinner: Chipotle with friends!


I have to say, this was one of the best experiences planning meals I’ve had. As you can see, I moved a few things around during the week from the original plan, but that is one thing I loved about my week – the flexibility! I was able to move things around like I mentioned (i.e. I had part of my snack at a meal), incorporate items that were “off plan” (like my Monday lunch), participate in social activities (Friday dinner), and use ingredients that I already had in the fridge when I was planning the week (I had tons of baby carrots on hand!). It pushed me to mix things up a bit, too. I used ingredients that I don’t normally buy (like arugula, radicchio, grapefruit, and fennel)! I discovered recipes that I’m going to add to my list of regular meals I repeat often. It was so amazing to have a fun and unique plan during a busy week. I felt so organized and accomplished because I was trying unique and new things all week long, but nothing was overly complicated and everything was delicious.

I hope you enjoyed seeing our meal plans in action and hope this inspires you to try it out, too!




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