Cooking Instruction

Life is too short to not enjoy the taste of your food. We don’t do diets here. Dieting will leave you feeling deprived. Balanced eating means incorporating loads of veggies into your meals, but enjoying indulgences, too. The dietitians at Clem&Thyme love to eat. We love to eat wholesome, flavorful food. Let us help you enjoy good food too. 🙂

Cooking Classes

Afraid you’ll miss flavor when incorporating a healthy meals into your diet? We are here to prove you wrong. We offer cooking classes in our newly renovated kitchen on a monthly basis. Our dietitians and chefs leading the classes will teach you tricks and techniques you can take back to your kitchen. We’ll incorporate herbs, spices, and other flavorful ingredients to make you look forward to meals. At Clem&Thyme Nutrition we value local ingredients, using produce straight from our garden and incorporating local foods when possible.

Ingredients for baking, milk, eggs, wheat flour, oats and kitchenware on blue wooden background, top view

Individual Culinary Training

We provide one-on-one culinary training for those clients interested in sharpening their cooking skills. Perhaps you know what to eat but have difficulty connecting the dots when putting a meal together? Our dietitians can help you gain confidence in the kitchen and thereby improve your health, with those wholesome meals you’ll be cooking up!

Your health insurance may cover the cost of this service. If not, we provide self-pay pricing discounts. More information on insurance and self-pay pricing can be found on our FAQ & Pricing page.

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Group Gatherings

Interested in hosting a group gathering, party, or employee function in our newly renovated farmhouse? We love to entertain and can help you create a fun event with tasty food and a relaxing atmosphere. Contact us for questions or a quote.

Mini sandwiches food set. Brushetta or authentic traditional spanish tapas for lunch table. Delicious snack, appetizer, antipasti on party or picnic time. Top view.

Upcoming Cooking Classes