Coronavirus Craziness + Virtual Resources

Leslie here. 🙂

Whoaaaaaa. This is bananas. I’m not sure what to think about this whole ‘Coronavirus’ craziness happening on Mother Earth… admittedly, it has me a bit out of sorts.

I’m sitting in bed, working from home. My meals today have consisted of: GTS Kombucha, coffee with Elmhurst cashew milk, a Hu Kitchen chocolate bar, almost an entire box of Simple Mills crackers with my newfound favorite hummus from Ithaca. I think I need to plan my meals out better. This whole “walking down to the kitchen and deciding what I feel like at that moment” is not producing very balanced meals.  😉

I will admit I am not a great “work-from-home” person. I am distracted easily and my brain pings from one “to-do” to another. The meme… “My brain is like an Internet browser, I have 19 tabs open, 3 are frozen, and I cannot figure out where the music is coming from.” Totally me.



As of yesterday, our Clem&Thyme office is 100% virtual (at least through the end of this month). It’s definitely been a stressor, many clients are canceling appointments. We’re encouraging (or begging 🙂 ) clients to switch to telephone or video appointments, rather than just canceling. We had to cancel and refund for this Friday’s cooking class. I am trying to stay calm and be positive, it’s all I can do, really. Just want you to know your support means more than you know. <3

As we are social distancing at home, our regular routines are long gone. Many of us are trying to work from home, provide education for our children (I’m failing at this miserably), while trying to keep everything together.

A local Dayton psychologist, Dr. Meredith Brinegar shared these insightful tips for coping with COVID-19. We work collectively with her and trust her care. Highly recommend this read.

… good read here too: How to Work from Home and Not Feel Like a Lonely Garbage Slug.

If you crave (or need) structure, we encourage you to create a new routine of your own, give it some thought. On the flip side, give yourself permission to not only use the time to work on self-care, nutrition, and other hobbies, but also relax and doing nothing is okay, too.

To help us get through this stressful time, we’ve compiled a list resources to help with stress management, food delivery, and exercise ideas.

Well + Good has TONS of resources for at home exercise videos, recipes, tips, etc. SO many resources on this website.

Stress Management and Self-Care Resources:



Nutrition Resources:

Need help meal planning? Check out our Living Plate personalized meal plans, approved by us (nutrition experts)! 😉

… AND we’ve restarted our frozen meals and purchasing local meats and bread from Hippie and the Farmer. Check it out here! 

We are going to be sharing more recipes and virtual ideas to help you with meal planning during this difficult time, so stayed tuned. In the meantime, The Lean Green Bean posted this excellent article with Easy Pantry and Freezer Meal ideas.

Have some extra time? Take a virtual cooking class or learn a new skill in the kitchen! The Kitchn is such a valuable (and free) resource!

We’re encouraging everyone to support local restaurants with carryout and delivery orders. Many local restaurants in Yellow Springs are still offering this service. Some of our favorites: Sunrise Cafe, Winds Cafe, Emporium, Dino’s Cappuccinos.

Food Delivery Resources:

Favorite (at-home) Fitness Resources:

…. or just go for a walk, a hike, a bike ride. Get outside and smell the fresh air. 🙂

Our own Natalia is a yoga instructor at Speakeasy Yoga. They have gone completely virtual, you can purchase an unlimited access pass for $40/month and take as many classes as you’d like.

                      How to access these classes:
    • Visit, *you cannot access this via the app!*
    • Make sure you are signed into the website, if you are unsure, either look to the top right hand corner of the embedded schedule or visit to claim your account.
    • Click on the class you want to stream (the classes available will be labeled LIVESTREAM)
    • Click the link that says “sign up & pay,” if you have this pass on your file, it will allow you to then hit “register.” If you do not have the pass purchased, it will prompt you to pay for the pass.
    • Once you are registered for class, it will no longer say “sign up & pay,” but two options will appear, “deregister” and “view broadcast.”
    • Follow the “view broadcast” link, enter the info the zoom page prompts you to, and wait for the host to begin the class broadcast.
    • Class will start broadcasting 5-10 minutes before each live-streamed class, audio will start shortly before the teacher begins when they turn on the mic!)

Kid’s Activity Resources:

Many of you are taking care of kiddos 24/7. Bless this mess over here (at my house). Looking for inspiration to keep the kids busy?


As stressful as this time is, it has put it all into perspective for me. I’m reminded of what is important in life. I encourage you to slow down and take time for yourself. Now is the time to focus on you. As always… reach out to us if we can be of assistance, we’d love to help. 🙂

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