New Year, New You! Goal Setting!

Happy 2016, readers!

What a year {2015} was. For those of you not aware of my private practice venture, last year was the first year I was {solely} a small business owner. I stopped working for the man. I became my own damn boss. Lordy, it was wonderful.

{I mean} it’s not all rainbows and butterflies (think… taxes, accounting, no paid benefits, getting out of bed when no one is forcing, etc.) but overall it was glorious. I don’t regret it one single bit. I get to spend more time with my family and financially I’m confident and secure. I cannot thank my clients enough, REALLY! 🙂 🙂


What else happened in 2015?

  • My sweet baby grew into an independent toddler. Yes… it’s been a challenge… {but} I’m so thankful God blessed me with that spunky, headstrong toddler. She’s the perfect mix of sweet and spicy. She makes me proud to be her mama.
  • My husband, Darrin, and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary. I love him more each day and am so grateful he’s my partner for life. {awww}
  • I turned the big 3-0 and was completely knocked off my feet with a surprise party thrown by Darrin and family. I’m th-ir-ty, jeezy peezy. 12080078_10106633625069105_941768389159206436_o
  • We went on vacations to Florida and San Francisco. Future to-do=travel more.
  • The OHIO STATE Buckeyes won the 2015 National Football Championship. OH-IO!
  • I became an adjunct professor at The University of Dayton. I loved sharing my passion for nutrition and can’t wait to continue in the future.
  • …. and we found out we’re expecting baby number TWO, due in March. No word yet on boy or girl. We live for surprises. 😉

I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings… more craziness, more love! <3

so onto the new year!…I’m not a fan of the winter months (Jan-March)… blah! but I do love the energy of a new year.

I {actually} love New Year’s resolutions. I know many people laugh at them… mainly because research tells us most people fail. Why do they fail? Do they make specific, measurable goals or big abstract thoughts (like…”I want to lose weight this year”)?

We need to use SMART goals when outlining our resolutions.

  • S-Specific
  • M-measurable
  • A-attainable
  • R-realistic/relevant
  • T-timely


I’ll share my SMART resolutions for 2016. That way you can hold me accountable. 😉

I like to set goals in many areas (my focus areas: professional, health, financial, and personal). I also think it’s important to WRITE them down and revisit them on a regular basis (for me, that’s monthly).

here goes nothin’, no judging’…


  • Complete IFMNT (Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy) {wholy mouthful} training by June 2016.
  • Complete my website redesign with the help of John by April 2016.
  • Blog 2x/month {I’ve got to get better!}



  • I won’t bore you with my $$ goals, but I set personal savings, retirement, health savings, and college savings goals yearly and try to increase the amount contributed with each passing year; I break them down into monthly amounts and create reoccurring money transfers that way they happen! Managing your financial health effectively will improve your overall health {think stress relief}.


  • Read at least one book for pleasure. Some of you might be saying ONE? ONE book in a year? ha. Yes… I rarely (like ever?) read for pleasure. I’m usually reading a book/journal/newsletter on nutrition, health, parenting, potty training. etc. etc. etc. This year… I will read A book for pleasure.

Get it? They are specific, measurable, and timely.  They aren’t abstract… (i.e…”I’ll exercise more.”) In fact, I’ve actually broke them down more on my own but don’t want to bore you with those details. For example… exercise 3x week is broken down into….

  1. Swim on Friday and Sunday afternoons
  2. Strollers in Motion class on Monday mornings

They are attainable and realistic. Yes… I am {well} aware that I should work out more than three days a week… but you know what… it’s not realistic for me at this time (nor will it be realistic with a new baby, duh?). Why set unattainable goals for myself, that end up making me feel like a failure? Don’t do it! Darrin and I do make a daily effort to walk with Albs when the weather is decent and we will continue to do that, but vigorous exercise? It’s REALISTIC three days/week.


Okay… now that you know my 2016 New Year’s goals… you can hold me accountable when I check in in 2017 (weird?)

and now…

you can set your SMART  2016 resolutions. do it. now. write them down. revisit them monthly (minimum). dooooooo it. 🙂


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