What I Ate Wednesday!

Hello readers! 🙂

I’m back at it for another “What the Dietitian Ate” {Wednesday}.

Life is a little cr-aaaaa-zy {as always}. We were on vacation last week to California, which means Leslie hasn’t been to the grocery in a few weeks. Actually, I’m a pretty irregular grocery shopper anyways.  I go to Trader Joe’s once a month (or so) and Kroger once a month (or so). Darrin, on the other hand, is crazy anal and goes to Sam’s Club once a week and Kroger once a week. He goes on the same day each week and doesn’t divert from his agenda.

yes…. we each do our own grocery shopping. and yes… we each do a lot of our own cooking. We do do a lot of things together, and totally love one another, I swear! 😉

I like “weird” foods according to my husband. He’s a creature of habit and eats the exact same thing for breakfast everyday+ the exact same thing for lunch every (gosh darn day) + almost the exact same thing for dinner every night. b.o.r.i.n.g. in my book.

okay, enough about my husband… this is supposed to be about my eating. ha!

Breakfast: apple + almond butter (Trader Joe’s) + raisins. yes…I’m obsessed with nut and seed butters. Peanut butter, almond butter, and sunflower seed butter are my favs. I know this doesn’t look “pretty” but it tasted pretty darm amazing.


Mid-morning snack #1– sweet cherries. addicting.


Mid-morning snack #2-green olives.



Lunch: Trader Joe’s shrimp spring rolls. I finally got some groceries on my lunch break. I take my handy-dandy, insulated grocery bags and get my grocery shopping done at lunch. This means I get to avoid the looney-tune customers that grocery shop on the weekends. yay.

PicMonkey Collage

Afternoon snack: handful of chocolate covered pretzels.

so… while I was at TJ’s I figured I’d pick up some treats to donate to the “sweets bin” at work. I’ve been taking lately, but not giving to the box. ha. I contributed chocolate pretzels and some peanut butter truffles.

One of the midwives commented… ” I think we’re in trouble when our dietitian is bringing in chocolate”. I responded by saying, “I contemplated adding fruit to the bin but figured I’d be in trouble if I did that.” All of the nurses and midwives agreed. Chocolate it is.

everything. in. moderation. I think I may say that in my sleep.

PicMonkey Collage1

PM Snack #2: Chobani Coconut. Love the texture with the coconut.


Dinner: Pork tenderloin with Wildtree BBQ sauce+ corn-on-the-cob+ green beans/onions + tomatoes+ potatoes + brussel sprouts (not pictured) + carrots (not pictured). Darrin and I went over to my parent’s to pick up Albany after work. The plan was to pick some cucumbers from the garden and head home to make our own dinner. Plans changed when my mom started cooking every veggie possible from the garden. Darrin kept bringing in more produce. Before you know it, she was cooking six different veggies (no joke). So we stayed for dinner. It was yummmmmie.


There is absolutely nothing better than fresh garden produce.

Okay… that’s all (ha) from Wednesday!

Whatcha think? 🙂


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