Eating Clean & Exercising while Traveling

Home sweet home!

I spent last week in Chicago, attending a Diabetes Educator Review Course. I plan on taking the Certified Diabetes Educator examination in December, and boyyyy…. do I have a lot of studying to do between now and then. I’m a bit overwhelmed and wonder if this ginormous task was such a great idea to take on while pregnant. eeeek.

While I was visiting the Chicago area, it was the perfect time to visit my bff, Kara Mae. Kara and her husband, Jon, live in DeKalb, IL (about an hour from Chicago). We had an awesome few days together, makes me wish we still lived in the same city. 🙁

While I learned a lot at the conference and had tons of fun with Kara… I missed Darrin terribly. I think my pregnancy hormones are flowing full-throttle. I’m so happy to be back in my comfy bed, with my husband by my side. awww.

Eating healthy and keeping up with your exercise routine can be pretty tricky while traveling.

The key is having a game plan.

I packed some healthy road snacks, so I didn’t have to stop on the drive up (KIND bars, Lara Bars, nuts, fruit, and popcorn). I also packed Greek yogurt to enjoy for breakfast daily. Cheese sticks and cucumber & dip made great snacks to enjoy on my conference breaks.

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Tips for healthy eating while traveling:

  • Pack shelf-stable snacks for the road or airport (health bars, nuts, dried/fresh/canned fruit, popcorn, whole grain crackers, etc.).
  • Request a refrigerator in your room to keep healthy perishable snacks/meals.
  • Avoid the mini bar in the hotel room. 🙂
  • Be picky when ordering room service. You’re paying them! Ask to substitute when desired.
  • Avoid the processed foods at the breakfast buffet (pastries, sugared cereals, etc.).
  • Keep a water bottle with you at all times. Dehydration is a common complaint while traveling.
  • Eat mini-meals to keep your energy up. Many people fall into the trap of ordering large meals when out at restaurants… only to stuff themselves and have an energy slump soon after.

I packed my mat for some hotel room yoga, and brought my sneakers for a walk/run around Kara’s neighborhood.

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Tips for keeping up your exercise routine while traveling:

  • Pack your sneakers! You can walk anywhere! Around the block, around the hotel, around a nearby shopping mall, around the airport, etc!
  • Find a local gym. Many gyms provide a complimentary day/week to try out their facility. They don’t need to know you’re just visiting. 😉
  • Get out and enjoy the city/town you’re visiting. You don’t have to be sweating it out at a gym to count it as exercise!
  • Book your stay at a hotel with a workout facility. Easy peeezy!
  • Pack your workout DVDs, yoga mat, exercise bands, etc. and have a quick workout in your hotel room.
  • You can do body weight exercises (push ups, squats, lunges, chair dips, planks) anywhere! No excuses!

What tips do you guys have for keeping in shape while traveling? 🙂

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