Seven Ways to Get Organized and Eat Healthier This Spring

Spring is here and with the newly blooming flowers and smell of freshly cut grass comes an opportunity to refresh and recharge your healthy eating habits. 

Achieving your health and nutrition goals starts with you feeling organized and focused. Here are seven ways to refresh and reboot your cooking space and skills to enjoy cooking and eating delicious food at home. An organized space enables cooking to be more efficient and fun. 🙂

Organize Your Pantry

Choose a storage solution that works best for you – here at Clem&Thyme, we love mason jars! Choosing glass jars helps to reduce spoilage and prevent pests from finding your foods. They are also beautiful and make it easy for you to know what ingredients you have. Mark jars with chalk paint markers, beautiful labels, even masking tape –  whatever suits your fancy.



Start Your Cooking Challenge

Now that your pantry is organized, you may have found some ingredients that surprised you! Time to channel your inner chef and challenge yourself to make meals using these ingredients. For some guidance, Allrecipes has a feature that allows you to search for recipes including your specific pantry ingredients. And if you don’t have, or don’t like, another specific ingredient, add that to the search bar on the right. 


Take a Basic Cooking Class

Ready to sharpen those cooking skills further? Cooking classes are a great gift – whether you’re treating yourself or a friend, or you’re looking for a creative date idea. Once the COVID 19 craziness has subsided, we offer several cooking classes to have fun and empower you to eat healthier. Whether you’re looking for a creative date night idea or tips to pack your child’s lunch, come join us in our farmhouse kitchen (and keep the mess out of yours) – we’re a short drive from Dayton. We’re 


Start Planning Your Garden

Gardening can engage your senses, help you to unwind after a long day and provide you with fresh, local produce. And if you have a picky eater in your house, working in a garden is one way to help expand their food preferences. Gardens can be as small as a few herb pots on your window sill or as big as your yard. Start with your favorite vegetable or herbs and dig in! If you need more guidance on starting your garden, check out Katie’s gardening webinar here! 



Fresh herbs are a simple way to boost flavor and nutrition to the meals you’re already preparing; homegrown tomatoes are superior in taste and texture to anything you’ll find at the local grocery store and it is really fun to hunt for your first cucumber, zucchini or green beans of the season. 


Stock Your Freezer

You may be surprised to learn all of the ways that you can use your freezer to eat healthier and save time. You can use your freezer to store healthy muffins and smoothie packs for breakfast, individual servings of soups and stews for lunch and even gallon bags of ingredients to toss into your crockpot. With a little bit of preparation and a few recipes, you can avoid being stumped by the continuous chorus of “what’s for dinner” or even what’s for breakfast – it is in the freezer when you need it!


Rethink Your Drink

One simple way to stay hydrated this spring is to make homemade iced tea. Save money and plastic by buying fewer drinks from the store.

Use a heat-safe glass container and add four tea bags – we love mason jars at Clem&Thyme! Add two cups of boiling water and let steep for 4-5 minutes. Remove tea bags and add two cups of cold water. Feel free to lightly sweeten with a bit of honey or sugar. Pour over ice to enjoy now or store in the fridge for later. 

Ready to take your iced tea to the next level? Brew a mixture of tea bags to make your own special blend. The flavors can be enhanced using fresh or dried herbs, fresh ginger or even fruit. Green tea is delicious with a boost of fresh orange juice and ginger; black tea is extra tasty when brewed with a few slices of peach and a bit of honey. Frozen peaches are great to have on hand for smoothies and making naturally flavored iced tea. 



Get Support

If your new year’s resolutions are feeling like a distant memory, know that you’re not alone. While many of us wouldn’t hesitate to hire a tutor if we wanted to learn Spanish or take lessons if we wanted to learn to play the piano, we often don’t realize the benefit of having a registered dietitian on your team. 

Making changes to the foods that you’re eating – and having those changes stick – can feel really overwhelming when the nutrition guidance we hear from friends and family or find online is contradictory and often wrong. Working with a registered dietitian – the nutrition expert – saves you time, keeps you accountable and can even be fun. 

It may surprise you to learn that your nutrition counseling appointment might be covered by your insurance. All of our dietitians work with a variety of clients and specialize in the nutrition management of many medical conditions

Many of your questions are answered in our FAQ page. Contact us to schedule! 🙂

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