Farmhouse Update #2!

Happy July, readers!

Just writing to give you an update on the new office in Yellow Springs. No nutrition being discussed here, so if construction isn’t your “thing”, I would skip on over this post.

I thought we would be in the farmhouse by now… but we aren’t. I’m not a good judge of construction progress, obviously! 🙂

We are getting close, though! Expecting to start moving in furniture in the next few weeks.

Since our last post … a lot has progressed!

New dry wall has been done in all of the rooms downstairs. Hoooooray!

{My office with new dry wall around the exposed fireplace}

In the kitchen, new cabinets have been laid, counter tops measured, and walls painted.

{Kitchen island}

{Kitchen walls painted “greige”}


I am going to be so jealous of this kitchen. I mean really… I may have to meal prep on Sundays at work, rather than at home.

We picked out the slab for the counters. That was quite a long process. Woooooo-heeee, glad that is over.

{Counters before instal}


Who knew one could get so excited about a new front door. I guess I really am an adult. 😉

{front door}

Flooring is beginning to be installed, as of today! Weeeeeee!

{Downstairs bath, flooring}

We even picked up a cute, antique potting table for all of our garden produce.

The stand is on the back patio. If you are in the Yellow Springs area, stop in and take some free produce home with you.

{Produce stand}

That’s all I have for you! I’ll update in a week or so on the new updates!

SOOOOOOOON, we move!

I’m so excited I could scream!


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