Farmhouse Update!

Good morning, readers! It’s June and we aren’t in the new location yet. Bare with me… I’m patiently (not so patiently) waiting too. I’m anxious, can you blame me? I stop in pretty frequently to see how it’s going… I think the construction crew is sick of me asking… “How much longer?”. 🙂

To give you an update on all of the changes…

Katie joined the Healthy Hearts Nutrition team in April and it’s been nothing but smooth sailing with her! She’s been the per-fect fit. She’s independent and doesn’t need me micromanaging her. She’s super knowledgeable so I feel confident sending all my clients her way. She’s taken a lot of weight off my shoulders… why didn’t I hire an employee sooner?

Look at our awesome garden. I take no credit… Katie is doing it all! 🙂

… and we got our first harvest this week! Radishes!

Name change… 

for those of you getting caught up… Healthy Hearts Nutrition is going bye bye when we move.

I know, I know… why? I still love Healthy Hearts… I do. BUT… I get a fair amount of people that call and think all we do is cardiac nutrition because we have “hearts” in our name. We do wayyyyy more than cardiac nutrition.

Another reason why? We are branching out and adding other services: cooking? possibly massage? yoga? etc. We didn’t want to pigeon hole ourselves into just nutrition.

Alright… so those of you wondering what the new name is.

We have one.

Am I going to tell you?

no. I. am. not. 😉

We are still working on the logo and design of the name.

It won’t be too much longer. Hold your horses.

Update on the house…

It’s going slower than I thought… but it’s going. As everyone told me… expect for it to take longer than you think, and more costly than you originally thought. bummer.

BUT when it’s done, it’s going to be awesome! 🙂 🙂

Here are a few progress pictures of the kitchen!

The kitchen was teeny-tiny in the beginning. It also had some {super vintage} wall-paper and a sink from long. long ago.

I honestly thought about keeping the sink and the wall-paper. We are going for the vintage farmhouse vibe, right?



We knocked out the wall between the kitchen and the living room… to make one big kitchen. hoooooray!

The floor was too uneven… so last week they took out the floor in the kitchen completely. EEEEEEK! Yep… that’s looking straight into the basement from the first floor!


Improvement! We now have a kitchen floor!


Next up!

Ceiling lighting. Dry Wall. Cabinets. Counter tops. Tile. Appliances.

I’ll keep you in the loooooooop! We are still hoping for a late-July, early-August opening. 😉

Thanks for following along on our remodel journey!

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