Big News! + Southwest Brussels Sprouts

Can you beeeee-lieve it’s almost 2017? Eeeek! This year has flown by. (cliche, I know).

Each year seems more nuts than the year before. When does this craziness taper off? When I retire and the kids are grown? I’m unsure of that… my parents seem to have more of a social life than I do. Ba-haha.

Some updates since we last spoke…

-Arlie is now nine months old (jeez Louise). She never (ever) sits still and is putting {absolutely} everything into her mouth. Her top tooth is about to push through, to join her bottom two. She’s an awesome eater and loves to sleep (did I just jinx myself?). This is one of my favorite ages, if only I could keep her little.

-Albany is almost three (in February). She’s a dancin’, singin’, energetic little spitfire. She’s still super sensitive but with a touch of sass. She attends a Montessori preschool (half days) and is growing up quicker than I’d like. It’s so fun to see her making friends and learning new things.

-Darrin is about the same. Same job. Still being husband of the year. 🙂 He’s been doing tons of house projects since the beginning of the summer. Our basement and laundry room are finally completed. wooooooo-hoooo.

-Me (other than Healthy Hearts)- I taught at the University of Dayton and Wittenberg University this past semester as an adjunct. I love working with college students. They have such energetic, passionate minds. I enjoy the change of pace throughout my workday.

For fun? I’m still swimming with my momma 1-2x/week and trying to avoid spending all of my money on shoes. Oh… and the Buckeyes are back in the College Football Playoffs. OH-IO.

and now… the big news.

Big, big changes at Healthy Hearts Nutrition (HHN).

Cat. is. out. of. the. bag.

  1. Website has been upgraded. Clearly you know this… you’re reading from my site. I love it and love John at Shout it Out Design. Highly, highly recommend.
  2. HHN is moving to an electronic health record. You can now schedule online, do appointments virtually via the HIPAA compliant platform, and tons of other cool features. Check it out!
  3. We’re hiring another dietitian! This one woman show cannot keep up (great problem to have BTW)… so a new dietitian will be joining the practice in the spring. hooooooooo-ray!
  4. We’re MOVING! Okay… or at least opening a second location. TBD whether the Springfield office is staying or going… but one thing is for sure… a new HHN office is opening in Yellow Springs (YS)! My parents own a farm just west of YS. On that property sits a cute little farmhouse, built in 1900. Moving there will enable me to have a community garden (hello fresh produce), use the kitchen for cooking/canning classes, chickens for fresh eggs. A local food co-op? Yoga looking out over the corn field? I mean come on… so many possibilities. Farm to table… real food, real nutrition.



A girl can dream and boy am I dreaming big. Counting my blessings each and every day.

I’ll try to keep you posted as I know more details. Planning on opening late spring-ish.

…and no blog post is complete without food.

New recipe in my repertoire, Southwestern Brussels Sprouts, from Cookin Canuck. I love Mexican food and the little southwest flair in this recipe give these Brussels so much flavor. Try um’… I swear you’ll thank me.



Readers… have a wonderful Christmas holiday. It’s my favorite time of the year. Muah!

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