What I Ate Wednesday!

Happy Friday, readers! Back today to share what I ate on Wednesday.

{Breakfast} Homemade {quick cooking) oats microwaved with water, then added fresh raspberries and a drizzle of honey.

AND two Applegate pork sausages. Gotta have some protein.


{Snack} My all-time favorite (well…besides chocolate). Salted peanuts + dried cherries. This. is. my. jam.


{Lunch} Tuna (Wild Planet) (packed in olive oil) with diced bread and butter pickles (Farmer’s Garden by Vlasic). I cannot (well I could, but I wouldn’t enjoy) do dry tuna. I need either tuna packed in olive oil OR tuna packed in water with added mayo or mustard. I love the added sweet taste of the pickles. This is my go-to lunch when I don’t have leftovers.


{Snack} Plum and raspberries


{Snack} Krave Beef Jerky. First time I had this. It was pretty good, a little sweet, though.


{Dinner} I know I’ll be home late on my workdays so I try to have a meal (or at least protein) cooked in the crockpot on those days. Darrin claims it’s too difficult to cook dinner and watch Albany at the same time so he’d like it if dinner was at least half cooked. I guess women have always been better at multitasking. 😉

kidding {kinda}

Albany is at a difficult age to get anything done, when with her. She wants to do everything you’re doing and is into EVERYTHING! I love her little independence, though. 🙂

I put pork chops in the slow cooker and covered them with half water, half vegetable broth, and set on low for eight hours. Darrin picked a sweet potato for my side, sprinkled with sea salt. I didn’t ask him how he cooked them, I assume just in the microwave.

I’ve been loving Wildtree Sweet & Spicy Chili Sauce on my pork lately. Deeeelish.


Nothing too flashy on Wednesday but hopefully this shows you how simple (and easy) eating REAL food can be. It doesn’t take hours to prepare. Promise!

Have a wonderful weekend, readers! 🙂

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