Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream

Oh. my. word.

The temp was >45 degrees today and the sun was out. My seasonal blahs went into hiding today. Yay.

You may or may not have caught me daydreaming… Coronas by the pool, flip flops and sun dresses, veggies straight from the garden, and ice cream sundaes. Today was the day to break out the Cuisinart Homemade Ice Cream Maker I received for Christmas.

Homemade strawberry ice cream. Made with real strawberries not the fake, artificial food dye, artificial flavor crap-ol-a you buy at the store. {Not all brands are crap, but most are.} BTW, ice cream is no health food (even the homemade kind). Just because this dietitian is making a ginormous batch, doesn’t mean it’s healthy. 🙂

“Eat real food, in moderation, savor it, and balance it out with lots of produce+lean protein”

That’s this dietitian’s motto.

Optimized-2015-01-10 20.43.06


It’s March. I’ll have to pretend it’s summer for a few more months.

Got the recipe straight from the Cuisinart booklet that came with the maker. We doubled the recipe, which overflowed the maker. oooopsie. I’d suggest not trying to out-smart the machine. hehe.

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 9.48.51 PM

Optimized-2015-01-10 17.09.24

Optimized-2015-01-10 17.20.22

Optimized-2015-01-10 20.16.49

Optimized-2015-01-10 20.35.41

Optimized-2015-01-10 20.43.06

Until summer, we pretend. 🙂

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