What I Ate Tuesday!

Happy February, readers! 🙂 Hope 2015 is off to a healthy start.

Albany turns ONE in a few weeks. It’s crrrrrrrazzzy how quickly her first year has gone {so cliché}. Speaking of crazy, I didn’t realize how nutso my routine would be once I had a baby. Will I ever make it to anything on time again? One can hope. 

Tuesday was {super} jam-packed. As in… a 12-hour day. Agh. Many of my clients think I’m slaving in the kitchen and eating perfect 247. Wrong. I’m human.

My big motto is to eat REAL food. I say “try not to eat food in a package.” wah. wah. wah. This dietitian ate packaged food on Tuesday. The point of this post is… sometimes life gets crazy and you need to have some packaged food to get you by. {But} that packaged food should be free of dyes, artificial flavors, and unnatural preservatives…pretty please.

Check out my Tuesday eats below!

This is what happens when I have no time to cook eggs. Enter: Evol ham, egg, and cheddar breakfast sandwich. Good source of protein and way less crap then a McD’s sausage mcmuffin. 😉


On a long workday, I usually load up my lunchbox with a smorgasbord of snacks. I tend to eat one-two snacks between each appointment (I usually have 4-5 appointments per day). This routine seems to work well for me. Keeps me satisfied throughout the day and my energy up. I try to include 2-3 servings of produce, an ounce of nuts or seeds, some dairy (yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese), and usually a KIND or LaraBar.


First up! Greek yogurt. It’s like dessert to me.


Okay… this is like dessert. Totally recommend the Dark Chocolate Raspberry Uber LaraBar.


Snacked on pistachios while doing insurance claims, between clients.


Oops! Forgot to take a picture before I ate my cheddar cheese stick, and broccoli with ranch. I make homemade ranch dip using Wildtree Ranch Seasoning.


Yep. I’m obsessed with sauerkraut. Good belly bugs.


What greets me when I arrive home late from work? A no-bake cookie, none-the-less. Darrin makes them, Leslie eats them. 🙂


Snacked on grape tomatoes while I decided what I wanted for dinner….


Canned soup it was. Didn’t want to cook anything. Although it doesn’t look like that much, lentil soup is super filling. {Plus} I had four full handfuls of tomatoes+ a cookie. Not an ideal dinner, but it works! Not terrible! 🙂



As you can see, there was a decent amount of packaged food in my diet on Tuesday. Not what I love to see… but hey… sometimes you have to have backups for when life gets crazy.

What’s your favorite go-to for crazy days?

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