Starve a Cold, Feed a Fever?

Unfortunately, I’ve been fighting an annoying cold for a few days… and I need to get better by tomorrow. Why you ask… well it’s my best friend’s WEDDDING!!!!!!!! 🙂

All I wanna do is cuddle up, under my warm blankets and stuff chocolate down my throat…or possibly drown in a bathtub of orange juice and chicken noodle soup. How healthy, huh? 🙁

As I was dreaming of chocolate, I wondered… Is is true you should starve a cold? feed a fever? After investigating… the answer is no. Denise Snyder, a nutrition scientist and clinical trials manager at the Duke University School of Nursing said “I think it was always pretty much dismissed as folklore.”

SO… what are the best ways to fight a cold?

  • Antioxidants: Foods high in Vitamin C, Vitamin E and beta carotene help remove free radicals (evil molecules that wreck havoc on our immune systems). Bright colored fruits and veggies are the easiest way to get in your daily antioxidants.
  •  Bioflavonoids, Glutathione, Phytochemicals: These nutrients help improve our immune function, blocking pesky infections; found in all plants (fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts)
  • Yogurt: The beneficial bacteria in yogurt may stimulate production of immune system substances that fight disease
  • Drinking plenty of fluids: Staying properly hydratedhelps keep our secretions thinner and allows us to get the sickness out of our system quicker, alleviating symptoms such as a cough or nasal drainage
  • Get plenty of rest: When our bodies are adequately rested, we fight off illness better. zzzzzzz.
  • Foods high in zinc: Zinc is a vital nutrient, needed to fight infection and repair tissues. Foods high in zinc: eggs, meats, nuts, seafood, seeds, wheat germ, and whole grains
  • Protein: Needed to build and repair body tissues and fight viral and bacterial infections
  • Chicken Noodle Soup: Along with fluids, hot soup thins our mucus membranes, which helps clear nasal congestion

Hopefully I feel better tomorrow, so I can party hardy for Lauren’s big day. Happy weekend, readers! 🙂


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