Popcorn, health benefits

Popcorn has long been touted as a high fiber, whole grain, low-calorie snack (when not loaded with butter and cheese, that is), but new research has found yet another health benefit to the whole grain… it’s loaded with antioxidants. Research conducted at the University of Scranton confirmed that popcorn has twice the amount of polyphenols as fruit.

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Health Magazine explains, “Polyphenols, a type of plant-based chemical found in foods ranging from vegetables to chocolate, help neutralize the harmful substances known as free radicals and are thought to protect against heart disease and other health problems.”

Holy, moly. More antioxidants than fruit? Now, now, now…don’t go trading in all of your vitamin & mineral packed fruit for popcorn; fruit has its own health benefits, too. But when it comes to crackers and chips,  you can trade those in for popcorn. 🙂

Health Benefits of Popcorn:

  • High antioxidant content. The hull, or the outer skin of the corn kernel has the highest concentration of polyphenols.
  • 100% whole grain. Whole grains have been linked to lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers and other health problems.
  • Low calorie (when not drenched in butter/cheese)
  • High fiber


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