Will the Caffeine in Green Tea Dehydrate Me?

Each Wednesday, I attend my most favorite workout class, Body Works + Abs. I have been faithfully attending this workout class for about two years now, and we’ve become somewhat of a family. 🙂 Michele, the course instructor (and personal trainer), has asked me to answer a “Nutrition Question” each week in class. It’s become fun to see what people would like to know, and interesting to investigate their health inquiries. Since I am answering their questions in class, I figured I would post the answers on my blog for further in-depth reading and resources.

This week’s question: Will the caffeine in green tea dehydrate me?

Yes, caffeine is a mild diuretic, which has prompted the assumption that caffeine may cause dehydration. Caffeine consumption in moderation (up to 500 mg per day) doesn’t cause dehydration. The high water content of tea offsets any dehydration issues caused by the caffeine content. Just make sure to drink caffeine in moderation, and remember if you’re thirsty… you’re already dehydrated. 🙂


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