Snack Attack

Cranky, irritable, testy=all characteristics of this girl when she’s hungry. I prevent these hunger attacks by eating six small meals a day. Everyone is unique… so do what’s best for you (3 meals/2 snacks, 6 small meals, 10 snacks, whatever works).

We each have our go-to snacks that we love. I encourage you to include protein and fiber at each of your snacks. It will help regulate blood sugars, keep your energy up, and satisfy you longer than refined, simple-sugary snacks + (plus) they’re better for you 🙂

My go-to snacks:

Okay you get the point. Protein+fiber=perfection.

Healthy Snack Ideas:

What are your go-to snacks? Share your secrets 🙂


  1. Natalie McKee says:

    My fav snack is a kid Clif Z bar with some fruit!! This is a must eat if I work out straight after work, which is rare because I am usually too hungry (ie. Cranky, irritable, testy apply to me too:) I enjoy most of your recommendations from time to time too! Except I have never had choco covered edamame! YUM. Have you seen it other than at Trader Joes?? Do they have TJs in Dayton??:) They certainly dont in Jax lol.

  2. I need to try these Clif Z bars. Specific flavor? Haven’t seen chocolate edamame anywhere but TJ’s, but I will keep a look out, though 🙂 Yes Dayton is home to a Tj’s… thank the good lord!

  3. Natalie McKee says:

    Haha, all flavors are good! Pick one with chocolate and you cant go wrong;)