Running Inspiration

I admire anyone who is a true runner, but I also admire anyone who has tried their hand at running, or is like me and runs here and there (5-10 miles/week). Running is difficult, it takes motivation and determination.  I would love to run more, but I am devoted to my spinning and body works classes, and don’t have 5 million hours (exaggeration) a week to workout 🙂

I ran my first 1/2 marathon in September of 2010. I would love to run another again, oh some day…

So is anyone else ever running on the treadmill and thinks… “Wonder what’s on her iPod?” “Wonder what he’s listening to?”

I firmly believe an upbeat workout mix can improve running/cardio performance. Although, some people would rather run without music to “clear their head” (Darrin).  That sounds mizzerable to me.

Well.. I thought I’d share my January playlist. Before I share, there shall be no judging. Everyone has their own taste in music… mine just happens to be a little girly and old-school 🙂

January 2012 playlist-approx-75 minutes

  • Coldplay-Paradise-4:37
  • Rihanna-We Found Love-3:35
  • R. Kelly-Sign of a Victory-4:11
  • Nelly Furtado-Maneater-4:35 🙂
  • Cage the Elephant-Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked-3:05
  • Alanis Morrisette-You Outta Know-4:09
  • Flo Rida-Good Feeling-4:06
  • Eminem-Like Toy Soldiers-4:56
  • Lady Gaga-You and I-5:07
  • Chris Brown-Forever-4:38
  • Rachel Platten-1000 Ships-3:19
  • Matchbox 20-How Far We’ve Come-3:29
  • The JaneDear Girls-Wildflower-2:46
  • Foster the People-Pumped up Kicks-4:14
  • All American Rejects-Swing, Swing-3:49
  • U2-Beautiful Day-4:04
  • Michelle Branch-Breathe-3:31
  • Natalie Merchant-Kind and Generous-3:56

Any suggestions for my February playlist? I’d love some new tunes 🙂

This picture was too funny not to share!

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  1. Secret Lover says:

    “One to the Next One” Jay-Z
    “In Da Club” 50-Cent
    “The New Workout Plan” Kayne

  2. Melissa says:

    I already signed up for the half this year…would love a running buddy 🙂

  3. The Air Force Half? I would love to… but we have a wedding that day in Cleveland! 🙁 Maybe another one?

  4. Thanks for the suggestions “Secret Lover”. M.M… you have much more swagger than I ever imagined 😉

  5. Liz says:

    I need every bit of running inspiration I can get! I HATE IT…and suck at it. I can never seem to break through the 1 mile mark. I have no problems spinning though…do you take the classes at LA? I would LOVE a spinning partner! I used to spin 3-4 times/week at my old gym in Louisville.
    Songs I always find good to run to:
    “Enter Sandman” – Metallica
    “Put On” – Young Jeezy
    “Shut Up & Drive” – Rhianna
    “Fighter”- Christina Aguilera (for when I am ready to throw in the towel!)
    Britney Spears is always a good motivation! Her body was amazing…circa early 2000’s 🙂
    Love this blog! xo

  6. Liz! Thanks for the music selections 🙂 I looove all the songs you recommended, and will be adding them to my February playlist.
    I usually take spinning classes at LA on Mondays at 5:30 with Jamie, and 6:45 on Thursdays with Jennifer. I also do Michelle’s body works classes on Wednesdays @ 5:45 (Beavercreek LA) and Saturdays @ 9:45 a.m. (Centerville LA). I’ve tried several classes and these instructors are my favvvs 🙂 Tuesdays, I usually just do cardio (treadmill). So there ya have my normal workout schedule 🙂 I’d love to have you join me!

  7. Natalie McKee says:

    Just stopped by this post again to get some motivation for my Saturday run/walk today:) I will def be downloading some of your suggested tunes!! Since I am in FL for the winter I am able to tack on a few more miles when I run outdoors on the weekends, but I agree when it is strictly treadmill season its difficult to get over 5-10! Treadmills are so painfully boring sometimes…maybe your tunes will motivate me a bit further… As for my suggestions, I dont have a whole lot except maybe Rihanna S.O.S, its an oldie but GOODIE!;-) Lol

  8. Natalie McKee says:

    Oh and I too crack up every time I see that pinterest pic. Too funnyyyyy

  9. 🙂 Wish I was enjoying the Florida weather. Maybe that would entice me to run a little more… or maybe that would be Rihanna S.O.S =)

  10. Trina Ross says:

    Congratulations on your first half marathon, Leslie! I ran the full that day and had a blast. Since my first half in 2009, I have put away the iPod and run to clear my head a lot. However, I do recall listening to quite a bit of Nickleback, Three Days Grace and Biance. Odd combo, I know 🙂
    I don’t have a personal trainer certification, but I do have quite a bit of running experience. If you ever want a client to try running in a stress free environment (not on a treadmill at the gym while 40 people look and judge) then i would love to help. I run Sunday mornings at 10am in Yellow Springs. I’ve got a lot of pointers that I had to learn the hard way and never want another person to struggle to find those things out the way I had to.
    Good luck with your business. I love the Flax Seed post!

  11. Trina Ross says:

    P.S. I only say that about the gym because when I started running I was “obese” and felt like everyone in the gym was looking and laughing at me. I knew my form was bad, but back then I was too self-conscious to just say “whatever, I don’t care what you think. I’m getting healthy and that’s all that matters.”

  12. Trina, thanks SO much for the kind words and the post. I know you’re quite the runner, I follow your facebook posts. Your transformation is really motivating to so many people. I will defintely keep you in mind for myself, and my clients. Thanks again 🙂